Kale PR!

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Most of the athletes in any given gym are much stronger than they think they are. They are mentally and physically capable of more than they realize. Some folks never even think about testing their limits. Others don’t efer put the effort in to go right up to the edge of the cliff. They might be scared, which is reasonable, or maybe they just don’t want to work that hard. I find most folks don’t actually understand the value of knowing how strong you are. There are lots of reasons but the one I encourage people to pursue most often is confidence that comes from self awareness. It sounds a bit foolish but you don’t know what heavy is if you don’t know what heavy is. When something comes up you won’t know if you will be able to lift it, metaphorically or actually lift it. The value that comes from knowing ourselves is limitless. I challenge you to seek out the margins of your experiences and push them. All of them. Try running faster than you ever have. Travel farther, read more, eat more[vegetables] than you ever have in your life, and next time you are in the gym lift more than you have ever lifted before. If you have never done it you will surprise yourself in more ways than one.

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