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Before Charlie was born Erin and I took a birthing class so that we could learn every single thing you needed to know about having a baby. In six weeks we became experts on the subject. Erin delivered Charlie 25 minutes after her first contraction, in our living room. She also made a killer pork shoulder that evening.
Fast forward one year and we are headed to a group birthday party for the babies from the class. All 17 of them. On the way Erin tells me about the gift exchange that will be taking place but one of the couples will be sitting out because they are practicing the “Simple parenting hippy Seattle, organic bla bla bla book.” That is the exact title. I am almost certain.They even sent out a link. Jerks. Long story short I started reading the book and I’ll be damned if I didn’t find a way to tie it to training. Short version of what I have read so far is that kids have too much crap and it is making them lame. If you don’t want your kid to be lame then get rid of some crap.
How does this tie into fitness you ask? Well I will tell you. We, me included, are always looking for “the” way. “The” diet. “The” workout. “The” ass sculpting compression capri pants. For the record those pants do actually exist. Aside from that though we are constantly looking for better. We keep on pursuing, acquiring, collecting, reading, and trying. Have you considered how much more you know than you do? How much of what you know and do do you do consistently? Awesome sentence. Read it thrice for emphasis. There is so much stuff. So many answers. The only thing I know is that picking one direction and going the distance is better than trying three things at once will only partial effort for each. Cut the crap. Choose a course of action and get busy. If CrossFit is your thing why are you trying to squeeze two more yoga classes in, plus a weekend spin, and some kangoolates. It is a thing. You don’t need to be paleo and zone, with an Atkins twist and vegan weekends. Cut the crap. Get on board with something. One thing. Kick ass at it. Stick with it and you will be surprised at how you can thrive by doing less and doing it better.
At home I threw away all of Charlie’s toys and she started speaking in complete sentences the next week which apparently is kind of big deal at 13 months.
What are you going to cut out?

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  1. Great article as always Jordan. I hate these bozos who continue to give Pilates a bad name with their ass-sculpting and long lean muscles. No wonder Crossfitters laugh at us. Sheesh.

  2. Amen brother. Rest and downtime is critical to children’s development and adult peace of mind. I’m all about the simple life… and kangoolates.
    Pork shoulder same day? Holy crap, Erin is a God.

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