Just lay there real quiet like

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If you can’t squat 450 pounds it is probably due to flexibility. If you can’t do 15 consecutive muscle ups it is also a flexibility issue. I reckon if you can’t row 6000m in less than 21:30 you just might need to work on your flexibility. If you or someone you know needs to get a little more limber you should get them to jump on our Urban Yoga Spa lifting team. Urban Yoga Spa on Fourth and Stewart set us up with a sweet group rate a few months ago but we need to hit a certain quota to keep it. We have had a few folks drop out and now we need some fresh meat. It is month to month so you can quit any time. The rates are smokin’ so you are practically burning money if you don’t join us. 1x/week is just $30 and 2-3x/week is a mere $55. Everyone who is going or has gone has done incredible things. Blaze can do over 17 situps now and Rexy just back squatted 95k. Post to comments or shoot me an email if you are interested in joining. We have about a week to get four or more folks involved or they are going to downgrade us to pool members only. Seriously though, some of you have hamstrings that make my soul cry. This is a sign from above. This is your time.

3 Comments on “Just lay there real quiet like”

  1. Get on it! So worth it, even if you just go once a week. I am telling you people – hip flexors need some love!

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