Jodipper. Get it?

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Jodi came into the gym the other day to do some testing. We were looking at some upper body gymnastics as well as a test to see what kind of engine she is working with. The video is Jodi doing a max ring dip test. She estimated that she could do 6-8 ring dips. She doesn’t have a muscle up yet. Is there evidence in the video why not?

Jodi is above average strong even for a CrossFit woman but there are some weak links in her chain that she wants my help fixing. For every athlete there are changes need in the physical realm as well as the mental side of things. Jodi is planning to compete in the Taranis Winter Challenge in mid-November. We have limited time to get her ready so we must decide which elements we are going to spend our time and money. If she went in mentally tougher but with no physical changes, and with a better awareness of her capacity she would do better than she would today. We certainly make some changes in her output that would improve her performance independent of mental adaptations. Which is better? We all have goals of some sort and generally path is complex. Where best can we expend our efforts on the journey?

Lastly there is something interesting in Jodi’s thoughts on max effort. Where do you stand? Do you really give it your all?

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