Jesus is a good carb

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Whilst taking communion this morning I was thinking to myself “this totally isn’t paleo.” How ridiculous is it that whilst I am remembering the atonement I am more mindful of the food rules that I placed on myself. I thought it would make for an awesome satirical introduction to a blog post on how our restrictive behaviors can become distractions from some of the more important things in life. My thoughts were right on because a few hours later a question actually came in exactly to that affect:

“Do communion wafers and wine set me back to 0?” -Scott

That is awesome that folks are so committed to the cause but at the same time we have to look at the bigger picture. It isn’t about the points. It is about the change. Are we making good choices 85. 90, 99% of the time? If the answer is yes than we can certainly afford to step outside of the box from time to time. This is especially true when those things involve traditions that carry more weight in our lives than anything that takes place in the gym. At the same time though don’t let traditions that are magnificently unhealthy persist for the sake of tradition. It is time to let ice cream only Sundays die out.

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  1. This afternoon I thought, I’d trade my soul for a plate of cheesy nachos and a beer; after a bit of self reflection and a trip to Whole foods, a plate of oven roasted brusell sprouts and a steak cured those evil thoughts…

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