Jacked and Brown

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Patty Brown is a dabbler. She likes yoga. She loves spin. She takes pilates, barre classes and she comes to CrossFit. I dig it. CrossFit is totally my thing. It happens to be just one of Patty’s things and I am totally cool with that. In fact I am pumped about it. Patty is doing what she loves. She just happens to love a lot of things. I used to think it was CrossFit or nothing which in my head amounted to awesomeness through constantly varied, functional movement, at high intensity or painful death by fatness and laziness. It took me a few years but I came around. In fact when I finally came around I found that all of those things are aiming toward a lot of the things we are aiming toward. Don’t get me wrong. CrossFit is producing the fittest people on the planet but most of us are looking for that. We are looking to move a little better, look a little better in shorts, and feel a little better throughout our days and our lives. There are lots of ways to do that. CrossFit just happens to be my personal favorite. So if you dig CrossFit but you also are addicted to mud runs then get dirty and get after it. We are changing lives at XCF and sometimes the quality of those lives is also enhanced by some weekend Zumba or maybe even a few closet bicep curls.

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