It’s raining men. Plus Aidan.

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This past Saturday we hosted a fundraiser workout at XCF. It was a tribute workout for 4 fallen Seattle firefighters raising money and awareness of Seattle’s Bravest Charity. A good number of folks turned out and put some cash in the hat in exchange for a t shirt and a beating. As you can see we had plenty of dudes. Some of the guys had left already so it was an even bigger sausage fest than you are thinking. Let’s get some ladies out next year. We are making it a thing. Would it help if I said that most of these guys are FIREFIGHTERS and the rest of them are professional rugby players. We should have made a calendar. It was an awesome day and I am glad that Stone asked us to host.

Side note. Several dudes got their first muscle up. It was one of those “oh I am a natural athlete does it look like this? oops did I do too many?” UGH! It was awesome though. Great job to everyone who came out. Including Paige.

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