“It’s like crossword puzzles for your muscles”

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There is no denying the fact that small children learn stuff at an incredible rate. In fact if the learning capacity of a 2 year old was combined with the focus and maturity of a 40 year old you would be able to become fluent in a new language every 9-12 months.

Most of us are quite a bit removed from being able to acquire and implement new information or skills that quickly. In fact there are a decent number of folks at XCF right now who have been her for 2 years or more and are still confounded by double unders and push jerks and they still ask the difference between a snatch and a clean. No worries. That is why chocolate Muscle is here. He answers all questions with grace and poise. I am just here to shout about chalk handprints on the floor.

The struggle is a big part of the reason we do it though. The effort that it takes to learn something new is good for you. It keeps your brain healthy while you are making your body healthy. New connections are being made while you are trying to figure out how to snatch. New pathways are being primed while you are crying your way through a set of 50 double unders. Yes we are trying to get a good workout in but one of the bonuses of doing things that challenge you mentally as well as physically is some sweet neural kicks that will make you way less lame as you age. If you are already pretty old like Kevin for instance you can still get the brain bonus from deadlifts and triple unders. We know that at some point your brain is going to start an irreversible slide into decrepitude but by challenging our mental faculties we can slow it down a ton in some cases reverse some of the damage.

So next time you are cursing the day you ever decided constantly varied, functional movement, at high intensity was a good idea just remember that the red lashes on your shins and arms are a buffer against senility and general old person lameness like falling and not being able to get up.

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