It’s gonna be a thing

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Let’s just start off with the most obvious thing about this birthday picture. How much do I look like Radio? You would think that just based on how good looking I think I am that I would take better photos but alas this is untrue. I really accentuate my “specialness” on my special day. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and for accommodating a shortened schedule yesterday. A big huge thanks to Donkey for roasting a wonderful birthday chicken. I am optimistic that roasted birthday chickens complete with candles are going to be huge in the future.

At 6am the team preparing for the regional competition worked out together for the last time before our big event on Sunday. We did a 3 part workout that involved lots of classic CrossFit movements as well as some new awfulness like hauling 200kg around the block mixed in with some burpees. The kids loved it. You should definitely expect to see it come up in our group workouts in the future.

Thank you Erins for decorating the gym.

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