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While I was visiting my folks visiting my folks over the holidays I did my training in the gym down the street from their home. It is a typical gym with lots of resistance training machines, and more cardio equipment than XCF has dumbbells. There was a guy there who was 70 years old who happened to be a “serious weight lifter.” I know this because he told me so. He told me a lot of things. In fact he talked to me while I was benching. He talked to me while I was doing weighted pull ups. He even talked to me when I had my headphones in and was on the phone with my mother. For a serious weight lifter he didn’t lift very many weights. He told me that I must be  visitor. “When a big straight muscle bound black guy shows up in this place on December 24th…” He actually used all of those adjectives.  Incredible for so many reasons. That wasn’t the thing that intrigued me most though. He found out I owned a gym and he asked me about the New Year’s spike in gym attendance. He doesn’t care for it. It just makes the gym crowded for two weeks with a bunch of people who don’t have a clue and then you never see them again.  He said he just can’t wait until February when things “get back to normal.” I thought about this and I have the totally opposite opinion. I love January in the fitness business. Yes it is good for business but it is good for everyone. I don’t care what makes you start I just want you to start. New Years, doctor’s orders, can’t get a girlfriend, your daughter’s boyfriend is stronger than you, or maybe your daughter is stronger than you. I accept all motivations that end with someone coming in here and picking up something heavy maybe for the first time in their life. We all believe in this stuff. That is why we keep coming in. If you see someone who doesn’t have a clue don’t wait for them to quit so it is less crowded in here. Help them get a clue so we can all work better together. I would love to see everyone that walks in the door between December 27th and January 31st still throwing down at XCF on July 1st. If we really love this stuff why wouldn’t we want everyone to get some. There is plenty to go around. This is true outside of the gym as well. Your buddy who decided to quit smoking might need some extra support from you. Your brother wants to change jobs. Your best friend needs to start writing again. Where can we be better supporters of the people and things that we love so that 2014 is the better than people could possibly imagine?

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