It shouldn’t be but it is

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This is an excerpt that CI wrote to an athlete regarding nutrition that made me laugh out loud which means it is genius because I only laugh at things that are incredible. Since I only want incredible things for you guys this adequately fits the bill.
“…think of “Calorie Counting” as the sexy, bad boy drummer of a rock band.  You think he is what you want, with his appealing look and flair (everyone thinks they want this fantasy) but he will bring you nothing but trouble….the relationship will drive you bonkers as you try to make it work, as you struggle to make it work with him, he drains your energy and makes you anxious because he is never around, always on tour, and probably being enjoyed by someone else other than you!” (ergo, you never eat because you are on restriction, and you get miserable because you are underfed, potentially undernourished, thereby irritable and crazy wondering when you get to eat again).
But look, here comes Calories’ older, more handsome and chivalrous brother, “MEATandVEGGIES-NUTSandSEEDS-someFRUITandSTARCHYTUBERS-littletoNOSUGAR”  (his father was aboriginal and mother was Greek, and mixed race people are almost always beautiful, so rest assured he is).  You can have him until you are stated whenever you want without fear of overdoing it (I say this because you are not on the verge of eating too much….there is always a case where too much of something is no good, we are not close to having that conversation with this topic). Meat and Veggies treats you right, and you tell your friends about him and how he freed you from the childish ways of Calories.  you need a man in your life, Calories is an irresponsible 20 year old who that only thinks of looking cool and easy, MEATtandVEGGIES is a good man, every woman needs a good man. They deserve it.”

2 Comments on “It shouldn’t be but it is”

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