It only hurts the whole time

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Wednesdays have come to be a very special time at XCF. I can’t even count the number of thank you emails I receive after we do five sets of lactate endurance work. It is amazing how spending 12.5 minutes doing work over a 60 minute period can take you to such a magical place but it is true. Spoiler alert. Next week will be ever BETTER! I really dig the aftermath. Not right after. Right after it looks like something very violent and invasive has happened. But after people get over that part then there is something cool going on. We all survived something that whilst in the midst of it we didn’t think we would. We aren’t sure how we did but we did and so let’s bask in the magnificence that is life. Doesn’t it feel good to laugh again? Remember that time when it felt like your quads were going to vomit? Yeah. Those were great times. See you next week.

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