Ira says back squat…sort of

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The other day I was accidentally invited to a dinner party. It was on a house boat. You are probably wondering why someone would invite me into their home and even worse onto a houseboat. You shouldn’t be alarmed though. Contrary to the stereotypes that Toby maliciously encourages I can swim, and I don’t steal. That is beside the point. It was a gathering of geniuses disguised as a casual get together. The guest of honor was Ira Flatow. It was very obvious once the Q and A started that I was the dumbest person in the room. At one point my nose started to bleed due to the cranial pressure of trying to keep up with the nerdiest conversation I have ever been present for. Long story Ira Flatow says that back squats are one of the most important things anyone can ever do. This information was conveyed very discreetly between a rant about cosmology and time, and a diatribe about metadata and the Chinese espionage operations in the US. If you weren’t really paying attention than you would have missed it. In fact I think it was because I only started to listen to half of what was said that I even picked up on it.

not really paying attention to something about fair housing economics and then…

Ira: …the government should give back. Squatting is probably the most important…

not really paying attention again

Ira: …exercise for…

looking at a bird eating our of a KFC bag


Super subtle but it was definitely in there. I had to google him on the way over there but after a statement like that we are pretty much besties.

“Squatting is the most important exercise for humanity.”

Ira Flatow, scientist, genius,


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