In case I wasn’t clear…PARTY TIME!

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This Friday kicking off at 5:30 I am inviting the whole fam into the gym to celebrate two awesome events in XCF history. The first reason for a celebration is that we have been a community for 3 full years. On September 10 the gym had its third birthday. The second amazing thing is the developments in the 5% project. Most folks know your boys went to South Africa last month but not many know what we did there. We thought about doing a slide show but that is lame so we are going to do an interpretive dance coupled with ring work and traditional African drumming. Bring something delicious to eat and share. We can’t have too much meat. It doesn’t have to be paleo but it does have to be awesome.

4 Comments on “In case I wasn’t clear…PARTY TIME!”

  1. Congrats on your 3rd year – what a great way to celebrate…a meat party followed by interpretive dancing. Meat sweats anyone?

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