I’m bringing sexy back

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CrossFit as a community like any other traditional cult has spawned its own culture that manifests itself in every gym no matter how little exposure a single gym may interact with the community at large. One of the most obvious and most pleasant in my opinion is the “no shirt, no shoes, no problem” attitude that exists in almost every single box. In certain situations people would be openly mocked or quietly criticized for the apparel choices “ooh girl I know she doesn’t think she looks cute.” But in here you are free to be you. 30# pounds left to lose? Take your shirt off. Bad chest wax job bro? Don’t sweat it, take your shirt off. You’re hot? Cold? Tired? Sweaty? Old? Sore? Take your shirt off. It will help. Since we are on the subject of partial nudity let’s get everyone up to speed on one of the nicknames in the gym. FoJo, which is correctly spelled Faux Jo but who has the time. It was conceived by Jason Rapinian. My wife confused Herndon and I from the back one day and they shared a very awkward moment. We called him beta for a while as in the test version of the next model but Jason upped the ante. Flo Jo inspired Faux Jo our very own fake Jordan. He hated it so of course it stuck.

The time has come to settle the debate though as to which Jo is actually Faux. Step right up and take a gander at these sweet pieces of meat. Post to comments your thoughts on which specimen you thinks the finest. All opinions are welcome.

This display was brought to you by workout 100611. 10 min 2 KB clean and jerk 24k/hand.

5 Comments on “I’m bringing sexy back”

  1. It would help the mystery of the game a bit if the pics weren’t labeled “Hoback” and “Heback”.

    Regardless, I’d like a copy of each please. Thanks.

  2. The question is not who is who. The question is who is better?

    “Post to comments your thoughts on which specimen you thinks the finest.”

    So Clancy’s comment isn’t even really a vote. That being said I am counting it to for me and zero for the impostor so far.

  3. I was confused when I saw this post.
    When I saw “sexy”… I was baffled when there was no “rexy” to follow… hence my delayed response. That said, I second Blaze, and continue to be amused that Nimz will forever use “Blais”.

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