If you’re not first you’re last

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I am sure you are sick of looking hearing about this guy and frankly I am sick of bringing him up but something awesome happened this weekend. Three awesome things actually. I will tell them in reverse order of importance and awesomeness. Thing 1 is your trainer got the “anything for the win” award at the CrossFit competition in Lynwood by hitting a woman in the chest with a medicine ball. Donk said to me after the event, “I can’t even look you in the eye.” Before you think I went all medicine ball Kerrigan on her it was part of the event and the strategy worked. The second awesome thing was that M and I crushed the field so badly in the first event of the team competition that even when we withdrew after day 1 we still finished 18th overall for mixed pairs. We were also the only truly mixed pair. The 3rd and most incredible thing is that Mark Cogan finished dead last in the open division. Why are we impressed with that? Because Mark “No Slogan” Cogan actually signed up and showed up for the open division.

Competitions are scary enough and it doesn’t help when they are chock full of 6 packs and 500 pound deadlifts. Mark wasn’t even phased. Well maybe a little but he also uses fear as fuel. It is an impressive trait. He hit 4 PR’s over the weekend including shaving almost an hour from his 50 double under time, and climbing a 15 foot rope. BEAST! I think it is amazing when folks get out there just to see what you are capable of. You don’t have to win. You can even finish in last place. Just step outside of your box. Way outside and see what you are made of. When is the last time you were the worst in the group AND the best you have ever been?

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