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…is good enough. I read a book before Charlie was born called Brain Rules for Babies. In Dr. Medina makes a case for not letting children watch television before the age of 2. It was compelling so Erin and I adopted it. Sometimes it would be nice to just turn it on and let the kid get veg out but we are committed. At least we were. Well she still is. I love the Olympics so much that I perpetually have the TV on and at least one computer showing a different event. The other night I had NBC on the television, a replay going on Erin’s laptop and a live feed of something else going on the iPad. It was a magical time for me. Long story short if there is a regressive component to a child’s brain based on the volume of digital images they take in then Erin and I have wasted the first year and I have single handedly regressed my daughter to a prenatal state of brain development sheerly based on the volume in the past 4 days. It is totally worth it though. It’s the OLYMPICS. What is almost as incredible as simultaneously watching, swimming, gymnastics, and weightlifting are the commercials. Nike is bringing it with their “find your greatness” campaign. I love every single one of those spots. Check out the video above and then try to come up with a reason you can’t do a little more, dig a little deeper, or run a little faster next time you are in the gym. I am generally pretty fired up about training but stuff like this takes it to a whole new level.

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