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I am going to skip straight to the end of this story and tell you that you can now buy ROGUE BRANDED HATCHETS!


About 2 weeks ago our farmer carry handles were stolen. And by stolen I mean they were Brandon’s and when he moved out he took them with him. Pretty much the same as stealing. All I know is that I had access to some and now I don’t. This led me the Rogue site to get a set for myself. They recently updated their website which meant I had to spend an extra 20 minutes poking around to make sure I was perfectly clear on exactly how many things they offered that I didn’t need to buy. It was a close call today but I managed to get away with just one set of farmer carry handles and nothing else. That was not before I clicked on the “New Gear” link and discovered the amazing gem pictured above. This was only the 2nd more ridiculously awesome thing on the new stuff page. You are going to have to have your own online shopping adventure to discovered the gold medal item.

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