I love penguin, therefore I don’t believe in paleo

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The bar has been raised. It hasn’t just been raised. It has been raised, gilded, and bedazzled. We invited some folks over for dinner last night and we got the usual “what should we bring?” Erin is black belt in the kitchen so there isn’t really anything to bring. Did you say bacon wrapped dates AND bacon wrapped pineapple? I don’t drink and Erin is drinking a lot less these days so wine is out and we aren’t going on a date so don’t bring any flowers over here. I told them to bring soda water. Lot’s of it. And some berries. Easy enough. They showed up with no berries or soda water and gift back. Which I didn’t sarcastically comment on by the way. Oh and about 300 children. It was amazing.
Anyhow I open the present after dinner and it is a Soda Stream that looks like a penguin and wouldn’t you know it it is called PENGUIN! What are the chances?! I love it. It is like the child I always wanted but instead of poop I get bubbly water. INCREDIBLE! Which leads me to my final point which is paleo is dumb. If there was no soda water then I don’t want to participate in such a thing. It has only been 24 hours since this bundle of joy came into our lives but I can hardly remember how I got by without him. That’s right. Penguin is a boy and his name is Chumbo Montgomery Bubblebottom. Needless to say I am no longer upset about not getting my Pelegrino on during dinner. I have also become a myth buster and discovered it is in fact possible to over-carbonate a bottle of water. Too much of a good thing is still drinkable though.

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