I heart thrusters and pull ups

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I have mixed feelings about today. 3rm Thruster followed by a quick run through Fran is a recipe for frivolity but for some reason it didn’t create the gaiety that I was hoping for. It wasn’t all bad. In fact it was mostly good. It just started on such a sour note it took me a while to recover. Clancy was leading the 7am class so I can’t speak for what went on there. Maybe if I got to see Mark C crushing Fran or got to see KD shaking hands and smacking asses say “that was so AWESOME!” 44 times I would have felt differently about the whole thing. I think I might be giving you the idea that today was not a day of PR’s and incredible feats of strength. It really boils down to Blaze. He did a 3rm squat clean thruster of 92 kg. I guess that is ok for an athlete who only weighs 85kg. If you are the type of person that is impressed with 3 consecutive squat clean thrusters at 200# you might have been impressed. It was just ok. It was what happened next that really got me down. 2:37. Two minutes and thirty-seven seconds. Fran as prescribed in 2:37. Why even do it? It was nice that he did unbroken sets and all but what the F was up with the coughing fit between the fifteen pull ups and the nine thrusters? I didn’t even have the words at the time. I don’t think I have the words now. 2:37?! Fortunately there were plenty of bright spots in my day. GT shaved  a minute off of his Fran time, PR’d on the 3rm thruster, and this is with a broken spine from the strongman competition this weekend that he almost won. Unfortunately we were in the same weight class so I went ahead and won it but he was awesome. Becky and Silver both did their first Fran today. Rexy decided that since she sucks so bad at pull ups that it would make sense to make the thrusters harder. WIN! 37k thrusters is exactly what is missing from Fran for most ladies. Big ups to Donkey for doing her Rx Fran sub 10! Super huge deal. Congrats to Nimz for her 4:07 and destroying Rosa. Patty, Valerie, and Elena put up more weight on the thrusters than Blaze if you add their numbers together and individual they all hit sweet PR’s. All in all barring the 2:37 disaster at 11 folks put up some awesome numbers in both parts of the workout. Well done team.

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  1. Sub 3 with a pause for coughing? nice blaze.

    SCT @ #200 x 3
    Fran Rx @ 4:24, with a pause to eat 4 tacos in the middle of the 15s on thrusters. And by eat tacos, i mean stare at the floor and hyperventilate

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