I heart Chipotle

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How could you not love a place that puts this much thought and effort into their marketing? This is in addition to delicious food and an incredibly friendly staff. Even when you shout at them regarding a cheese mix up. It doesn’t matter who.

I love food. Real food. Whole food. Not Whole Foods. I like Whole Foods. Mostly because they have lots of real, whole food but there are so many reasons why it can’t be love. Food that used to have a mama. Food that still has dirt on it when I bring it home. Food that takes me more than 15 minutes to get on the table. Food that I want to spend more than 15 minutes eating. I know it is a bit weird that a commercial for fast food makes me think about all of these things but who can say where your inspiration comes from. The things and people that move you are ineffable. Sometimes things just work a certain way and you can’t explain and don’t really care why. Why are apples and almond butter so good? Why do bananas go even BETTER with almond butter? Why do bananas and tuna seem to jive nicely? Try it first. I love things that need to be washed, chopped, and braised. I love a good sofrito, whether that means onions and garlic to you or bell pepper and ginger. Keep it simple, cook it a long time, and chew it like you are about to spit it out and feed it to a baby bird. Take your time with the whole process and above all else start with food. That is how you end up with good food.

Side note: Google image search of the word “food” yields some interesting results.

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