I hate CI primer

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I forget that not everyone has been on this XCF journey with me the whole time and I often make references that are lost on people depending on how long they have been with us. One of the most common references I make is to my man CI. He is one of my favorite people on the planet and our journey has been an epic one. I met him when he was getting his level one CF certification and I was an instructor. He had the most beautiful air squat I have ever seen and I told him so. In fact I told the group that I wanted to make “sweet squat babies” with him after the seminar. I was given a brief talking to by the lead instructor about that after the seminar. Anyhow he asked me for a job after and I said no. He joined the gym but didn’t have money to pay for a membership but I had a secret man crush on him, that later turned into bitterness and resentment, so I said yes to that. He eventually joined our training team and immediately rose to the position of second best trainer in the gym. He strove to be the best and he probably could have been but it is all politics in this game. The manager of XCF played favorites and the same trainer won employee of the month for 4 straight years. It doesn’t matter who. Anyhow his talent as an athlete and a trainer were and are stellar. He is a born teacher. He can’t turn it off. Everywhere we went someone got a lesson in squatting or deadlifting mechanics. He pushed me to be a better trainer and athlete constantly. We drove eachother to train, think, eat, and live better for over 3 years. Alas his dream was to be a phsyician and he is on that path currently. He left us in the summer of 2011 to start medical school. He is finishing his second year and preparing for his Step 1. He will crush it. He is the reigning pistol champion at the gym. In fact when he first came to the gym I asked him if he could do a pistol. He said he didn’t know what that was so I showed him. He did 17 in a row on one leg and asked me if he was doing it right. ASSHOLE! He has broken several bones and we both learned a ton about training through injuries because he is fearless and I am dangerously creative. I almost pulled his wrist cast off once when I tied it to a lat pull down bar and put too much weight on.
Anyhow he is my brother. Not my actual brother but more like the way black people say it which is more meaningful I think. So there you go. That is the short answer to the question I get from new folks at the gym all of the time, “who the hell is CI?”

Tomorrow I will put up one of my favorite CI videos of all time.

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