I dub this blog Sir ass kicker


We’ve got a brand new look for the website. I hope ya’ll dig it as much as I do. There are still a few tweaks needed over the next couple of weeks but this is how we are rollin’ these days. You no longer have to be embarrassed to tell your friends about us. We are legit now. Soon I am going to get a business license and everything.

Awesome job yesterday to everyone who did Fight Gone Bad. I think we had more PR’s yesterday than I have seen in any workout ever. Blaze is out front with the new gym high score of 394 surpassing our previous high score of 389 which is a very respectable score and the holder of that score should be proud. He doesn’t need to compare himself to Blaze. He doesn’t have to win at everything. So what if he grew up black and poor and is just trying to make something of himself in the big city. As long as we are all having fun than everyone wins. I guess Blaze wins the most because he got the most points but 389 isn’t too shabby either. In fact if I were to see someone in the gym who had a 389 I might just give them a hug, or a piece of chicken and tell them that I thought they were special and I might do this at the 5 and 6pm class because they might be there. Anyhow, to all of the other rock stars who hit sick numbers yesterday, I commend you. Sometimes you guys are just badasses.