I am Spartish

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I “ran” a Spartan “race” this past Sunday with a few badass ladies from the gym. It was amazing. The race was great. It was well run, super fun, and very challenging, but that wasn’t the magical part. The amazing thing was watching people that work so hard in the gym week after week get the chance to put their muscle and grit to the test outside the gym. It was amazing to see them run, climb, jump, lift, drag, flip, swing, and crawl like Spartans. Rope climbs, walls, rings, sandbag carries and so many other obstacles; they smashed them all. And it was hard. This wasn’t just schlepping through the mud for 5 miles. I watched hundreds of men and women fail at task after task and it was so inspiring to watch these two just crush it. I am sure plenty of you are putting your fitness to work on a regular basis, but if you haven’t tried to find the margins yet I encourage you to do so. Do you know just how much you are capable of? I don’t want this to be a commercial for obstacle racing but I was surprised and inspired by what these events bring out of people. Maybe your challenge lies elsewhere, but wherever it is I want you to find it and push yourself. Find your limits. You will find something incredible there.

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