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The Northwest regionals kicks off today and while I am not going to sit in front of my computer with the live stream running for 12 straight hours I am going to be quietly pumped about what folks will be doing down in Kent. I love to see effort. I love to see your best. I almost don’t even care what you are doing if I get to see your best. What I dig about someone’s best is that without fully comprehending the nuances of a particular activity we still know it when we see it. We know when someone went to the well. We know when something amazing just happened. We know when the thing that just happened won’t be fully understood by anyone who didn’t see it happen.

I read the article about the video above and I understood what took place. A girl fell down while running in a track event and she made an incredible comeback. I knew what happened before I saw the video. In fact when I almost did start the video because I didn’t believe that in an event that short there was time for someone to be all that impressive. But then the thing started to happen. The amazing part. The part that made me lean closer to my computer screen and clench my fist as though the event hadn’t already happened and I was somehow able to will her to a better finish. I couldn’t though. The finish was decided already and not only that it was perfect. I couldn’t make it any better than it already was. Real life is just that good sometimes.

Over the next 3 days some folks are going to do some amazing things. I am definitely rooting for some specific folks like Cole, Ro, and the Marysville team but more than I want those folks to win I want to see people go all in. Dig deep and show people something they didn’t expect.

And I want to see that in here. I have my mind blown all the time in this place. This month I saw amazing stuff from Kevin Daniel on the snatch and on muscle ups, Jason blew me away with push jerks the other day, Kate W. on back squats and handstand push ups, Stacey S. on snatches, Matt L hit 55 cals on the AC in 1 minute POST WORKOUT,Engle’s 1 rep max pull up, Jessica’s first muscle up, Leary’s front squat, Bruce Babbit not dying, Gordy’s suits, Pete’s resilience to my criticism, Amie’s diligence on working weaknesses after class EVERY SINGLE DAY. So many folks putting in work. It is inspiring. You guys are an inspiration to me and each other. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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