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When athletes are struggling with something in the gym I often as the question “what do you expect?” I am not implying that it is obvious and or necessary that they are struggling but rather once the struggle has commenced are you focused on overcoming it or are you just focused on the struggle? Simply, do you believe that there is success for you beyond this moment? As often as not folks don’t really expect it to get better. That surprises me since you are putting so much in every time you come into the gym. We spend money, we carve time out of our day, we have an entirely separate set of clothes dedicated to it and yet we might still maintain the attitude that it just isn’t going to get any better.

Until recently I would have said that there is only better, the same, or worse. There were only 3 possible paths. It makes sense but I no longer hold this to be a truth statement. I think better is infinite. I think seeing better just requires the right lenses. Call it the proper frame of mind or perspective but if we allow ourselves to see things “correctly” we can find better in many places.

Saturday mornings I take the C monkey out to breakfast. It is just she and I at Portage Bay. We usually drive there but today we decided to walk. Unlike most toddlers she walks incredibly slowly. We planned to jump on the trolly but we walked up just as it was pulling away. That might have been crappy except we got to walk past a toy store that she loves. WIN! We also got to walk past Bar Method where we were both told how cute we are by the women coming out of a class. WIN! On the way home we missed it as well. We tried to catch a bus, also to no avail. A different route home led us to a meager patch of grass near a parking lot where we spent twenty minutes picking flowers. WIN! We stopped by a fountain and rode the lions in front of Buckley’s. DOUBLE WIN! Apple slices in the market, gluten free madeline’s at our second favorite coffee shop and then after a 65 min 1.2 mile walk we were back home.  We missed the trolly twice, couldn’t catch a bus, and took 3 times as long to get home as it took to walk to the restaurant but somehow it was the best outing ever. We got everything we wanted, everything we needed, and then a little extra.

I think this idea holds true in the gym as well. First are you expectant? If you are, are you open to something that is what you wanted and or needed but that doesn’t look exactly like what you thought it would.

Maybe you haven’t hit 50 double unders in a row yet but this week there is less crying between 0 and 5. WIN!

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