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It is on folks. King 5 best of Western Washington is upon us. This year XCF is taking it up a notch and we are planning to win EVERYTHING. We took gold at the Pipe Hitters Classic in the individual men’s division. The following weak we crushed the world at WodFest in the team competition. Jodi just got her level 1 CrossFit certification and if they were giving out medals, which they should have, she would have brought home another one for us. In two months we are headed up to Victoria, BC to take on the best Canada has to offer at the Taranis Winter Challenge. This is all just one big lead up to the 8th most exciting thing of 2011. Yours truly is running for the best personal trainer in Western Washington. I was hoping for weight classes and racial brackets to increase my odds but I think with the help of the XCF community it can be done.

Vote here and often. I think one million votes should do it. If everyone votes everyday that should be enough.

To sweeten the deal if I win I may forget that the ergs have the capacity to handle a 10k row. On the flip side if I don’t win we may set a 1,000,000m/person goal by the end of the year. I am kidding about the second thing. Well half kidding. I think one million meters in 90 days would be epic. 11,111m per day? AWESOME!

Starting voting!

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