How long does 10 seconds take

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10 sec

It turns out that the title of the best grocery store in the world goes to the Central Coop on Madison. They used to be tied for first place with Whole Foods but after the single judge in charge of bestowing this title realized that the miniature carts at Whole Foods aren’t as good for high speed turns as the ones at the Central Coop the polls shifted. It was tough though because Whole Foods has WAAAAAY better stickers. The C monkey isn’t swayed by swag though. She is all about the data. What she isn’t about is getting in and out of the grocery store quickly. How long does it take to get some eggs? It is so relative. How long does 10 seconds on the awesome cycle take? I guess it depends on which set you are on. Set 2? 10ish seconds. Set 8 takes at least 40 seconds. Maybe more. I love the relative nature of life and this goes double for the pleasure and the pain of training. Yesterday I witnessed Stroh do a 1 rm back squat that took at least 2 minutes to stand up. Video analysis may not bear this out but I know what it felt like to watch it. I can barely imagine how long he felt like he was under that bar. I think back squats are like the levels of inception. A true one rep max is 3 or 4 levels deep so squat time is moving at 1/100th or so of actual time. You could miss a birthday or two getting out of the whole. The relative nature of suffering is different to different folks as well. I would rather spend 1o minutes digging deep on the AC then 90 all out seconds on the row. Other folks might think I am crazy. I don’t know what your thing is but I encourage you to lean into it. I guarantee the next level of your fitness is on the other side of that 10 seconds that feels like 10 minutes. L sits? Pistols? Push ups? Start more training sessions with the vegetables. You will be better for it.

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