Holy eats real eggs. So should you.

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I was sent an article this weekend that caused some tension in my marriage. The article content was an indirect source of tension. The article was so maddening I shouted in the living room and woke up Sam, who selfishly cried and woke up Erin. Erin and Sam have both been quite sick, hence all of the sleeping when the world is falling down around us.

It was about a sinister company called Hampton Farms who is working on replacing eggs with a vegetable subsitute. That’s right kids, they aren’t just trying to create an egg alternative, at least as I read the article. The want to create a “better” egg solution.  My favorite line from the article prompted the shouting:

His company has a research and development team filled with biochemists. “These people know nothing about food. They know about protein structure,” says Tetrick. They’ve looked at 1,500 plants on a molecular level. They then break down the proteins in those plants to replicate what eggs can do.

WHAT?! I am making the assumption that this dude went to Harvard or some such nonsense. Grady went to Harvard and he isn’t stupid at all so maybe my anecdotal data set is too small to form a strong conviction like “people who go to Harvard aren’t stupid.” I might be totally to blame for my ire. But then again maybe if you are trying to make food “better” and you start off with a group of people who “know nothing about food” then you aren’t going to get very far when it comes to making people better even if you are going to make a crap ton of money with your frankeneggs.

The above statement was only approached in amazingness by this gem:

The benefit of this approach is that Hampton Creek can be iterative. So, it can make a plant-based mayonnaise 1.0, then mayo 2.0, and so on, just like Apple does with iPhone software.

Animal products like eggs, on the other hand, Tetrick notes, are what they are: “They’re good, but they’re not getting any better, there’s not an iterative process.”

REALLY?! I guess evolution doesn’t carry the same weight among scientist anymore.

Food has always been and still is the absolute best option. These is nothing created in a lab that is meant to mimic food that will sustain you the way real, quality, food does. Label free, cooked by you, chewed a lot and hopefully in the company of people you dig. That is the best answer. ALWAYS.

While this article made me crazy I love getting stuff from folks so keep it coming. The internet is almost too big for me to see everything on it so it helps to have extra eyes and ears on the lookout for good stuff.

Check out the full article here.

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