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Fear drives a lot of the decisions that we make. Too scared to start something. Too scared to stop doing something else. Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. All of the things we fear and the actions that we take because of that fear can be labeled a different way. Limiters. What we fear limits us. It drives us to avoid something we want. Something we know may just be the right thing for us. Something that might be the thing we need more than anything else. The power fear holds over us is real, huge, and scary. Fear is real in the sense that it is something that we feel. Fear is also an illusion in some sense. We are allowing the “idea” of something to hold us back. We just might fail if we try but then again we just might succeed. So in some sense we are letting the notion of what MIGHT BE control what we WILL DO. Every day in the gym my team and I get to see people stare down fear. Not just stare it down, we see people ground and pound their fears into mush. We see people face fears that have been with them since elementary school. Lifting weights, climbing ropes, working so hard you want to pass out, cry or both. Each time it happens I am inspired. Check out one of our newest members getting after her fear. First time climbing a rope and she was amazing. She hit it four times and each set got a little better than the one before. A little higher, a little faster, a little more confident. AWESOME! High five her and get her autograph next time you see her in the gym. She is going places. Take a leaf out of Holly’s book and don’t let yourself be limited. Take the leap. Start that one thing. Break up with what’s her name. Take that trip. Sign up for that class. Whatever it is and whatever you have to lose not trying is way worse than failing. Science.

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