Hitting the pipe

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One of the things that makes CrossFit such a powerful stimulus for change is the competition aspect. Because our training is scored for reps, rounds, or weight there is an obvious motivation to dig a little deeper or go a little further. Our times are posted, weighed and measured. Everyone in our fitness community is exposed and while no one loses per say there is definitely a winner. Lots of winners in fact. You may not have posted the fastest time but you may have celebrated a significant PR. In the battle of today you are the victor. It may have been a competition with yourself and you prevailed.
As CrossFit has grown though the need and the opportunity to test your mettle against the members of other fitness communities has arisen. The CrossFit Games is the biggest event but gyms all over the country are hosting local throw downs to see who rises to the top among a field of our local talent. XCF participates in, and often dominates many local events. Last year individuals or teams won 4 local events. This year we are faster and stronger and ready to defend our titles as well as garner some new ones.

The first event our gym will get some representation in is the PipeHitter’s Classic. It is a one day event that involves lots of heavy lifting and a little bit of suffering.

The event is tomorrow August 18th in West Seattle at Madison Middle School, 3429 45th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116.

I will be competing tomorrow to defend my title. This is just one more step on my quest for a spot at the CrossFit Games. At regionals this year I completely fell apart in event 4. This fall I am hitting at least one competition every month to eliminate any weak links in my chain. Stop by and cheer if you have a minute. If not I will be showing off my first place trophy in the gym on Monday.

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