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January 5th, 1995, a group of Seattle firefighters ran into a burning warehouse that became an inferno, plunging to their deaths when the floor gave way and dropped them into the burning basement below.

This Saturday, Xplore CrossFit will be hosting a workout as a fundraiser. It will take place at our normal 9am class time. This workout is open to everyone. It is going to be a grinder and I suggest you bring some long socks.

This workout is for our fallen firefighters — Lt. Walter Kilgore, Lt. Gregory Shoemaker and firefighters Randall Terlicker and James Brown.

Cost is $10. We will also have a limited number of tee shirts for sale. All proceeds will go to Seattle’s Bravest Charity. Feel free to drop more than $10 in the hat. It is going to a great place.

This was put together by Chris Stone. A former XCF member and current Seattle firefighter.

There will be cheeseburgers and nachos if someone brings them.

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