Grateful and intentional

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Only days left in 2015. Did you win? I know I set out with some lofty goals this year. The kind of goals you should pick one of but I decided to do all of the goals. Around March of this year I thought I was kicking so much ass I was almost stopping strangers on the street to let them know how much I was winning at life. Sometime around August of this year I was stopping strangers on the street to ask for hugs because I was getting the crap beaten out of me by 2015. Lots of lessons in there though. Some expensive. Some painful. All of them duly noted. Well most of them anyway. While New Years is a great demarcation it is just one more day. One more gift. We don’t know how many we get so let’s more of each of them. Do you wake up with intention? Do you begin with an expectation that you are going to crush every single day with a flying arm bar?

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