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XCF is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Some folks are kicking ass in the tech world making stuff a reality that the rest of us would have a hard time even dreaming up. Other folks are the grunts behind massive machines like Amazon and Microsoft but in their own way contributing to make the stuff we all take for granted keep working and getting better.  Then there are the folks who are kicking ass in their 9-5 gig but merely so they can afford the toys to go out and kick mother nature’s ass as well. A few weeks ago Amanda Goodin took a couple of days to climb a rock. I am not doing it justice though so I will just cut and paste one of the coolest emails I have received in a while. I love to hear that the stuff we do in here is making a difference out there.

“Just have to share why I’ve most recently been away from the gym — I just finished a 4-day climb of the Nose of El Capitan, oh yes, a 3000-foot sheer face in Yosemite. We made the daily report, I’m the one in purple in the fourth picture: (Not a great action shot, just moving the bag, but still fun to have one of us way up on the face.)

I know I haven’t been around as much recently, but all the years of working with you remain the foundation for my fitness and are the reason I can pull off climbs like this. Thank you!”

Sweet testimonial for the power of moving large loads, long distances, quickly. I keep telling you guys this is powerful stuff. Make sure you are getting out and putting your fitness to the test. Just slather up your life in fitness. Hike, run, jump off stuff, climb over bigger stuff, have your kids jump off the roof into your arms. You can handle it. You reek of fitness. Get after it.

Wants some more Goodin in action?

This, for example

is not an impressive picture, since it’s dark, but what it is, is me leading us up to our bivy ledge in the dark after we’d already been climbing for 16 straight hours that day. We got to the ledge at 1am; the day before we started climbing at2:30am. endurance? yes, please, thank you CrossFit. 

This one I just love for the colors and the sense of how big the wall is. We are such little dots on that enormous face!

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