Good to great. Emphasis on “to”

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One of the things I see so often in the gym is folks furiously trying to go from kinda ok to awesome in a single bound. There is a lot that comes between sucking at life and kicking ass and that stuff that comes between is rally important. I am not talking about appreciating the struggle. I am talking about the things that happen in your brain when you put things together one piece at a time and really hammer those pieces down before you move on. We consistently see people in the gym who are at point A watch someone working at point F and wonder why everything is so much easier for them. We want to know how we can get to point F. We don’t want to hear about the days, months or even years that they spent on B, C, D, and E. The dude in the photo is taking his first fundamentals class. He has been out of the gym for more than 6 months. He hasn’t done a thruster before. Today he did 2 reps at 105k. If we only have that information to go on then we might conclude that he is a natural. What about the fact that he went to college at the University of Idaho on a football scholarship. That changes things. He didn’t just land at point F. He spent thousands of hours preparing for today. The destination if ever evolving so I encourage you to take your time on the journey. Embrace where you are right now and enjoy the process of getting to the next place.

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