Get outside. Then come back in.

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Summer is an interesting season in the gym. It is warm, sunny, and light out until 10 pm so folks have a very easy time finding other things to do instead of come in and lift weights. I love it. One of the big reasons we do this in here is so that all of the stuff out there is easier. Heavy deads, and box jumps make Rattlesnake Ridge seem like a walk in the park. Don’t let too much time pass though. I don’t mean you shouldn’t get out as often as possible and do as much as possible. I am talking about not skipping it when you don’t have anything else to do but the thought of going back in after you have been out for a week seems so daunting. Every day you postpone your return only makes that first one even harder. Hike, bike, run, swim, camp, drink, hump, and paddle to your hearts content. And then come pick up something heavy.

Enjoy this picture of Dave Silver on vacation. Pretty sure that is him. I don’t have my glasses on.

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