Get it fixed. Or at least checked out.

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I am just as guilty if not more so than every athlete I have ever encountered of waiting until I can’t dress myself before I go to the doctor. Why do we do this? You have insurance, a computer, and a car. What else do you need? But for some reason people come up to me for months telling me that they can’t do _____(pick a movement) because _______(fill in the blank with your particular problem) hurts. I love that our training methodology allows and encourages us to program around just about anything. Every movement is infinitely scalable in either direction and when one thing is completely off the table we are creative enough to achieve a similar training effect with something completely different. That isn’t an excuse to not get your broken pieces fixed. Or at least go find out if they can be fixed. Wouldn’t it be nice to move unrestricted? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if this thing is something you absolutely have to live with? GO GET YOUR SHIT CHECKED OUT!

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