Game time

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In case you weren’t there I kicked that guy all the way across the gym and then did 4 more pull ups. It was amazing. As you can tell Emily is super proud of me and I think a little into me.

Opening day was yesterday. I am sure you guys are as excited as I am. We are officially into the CrossFit Games season. The World Series of Fitness will soon be upon us and I can’t think of a better way to honor this special time than to do what we always do. Train like champions. Basically it is business as usual except now folks who paid twenty dollars can find out just how many people in the whole world are better than they are.

The first workout has been announced. It is incredibly unexciting but we are athletes so we are doing it anyway. It will be built into our normal programming so all you have to do is show up. There will be no special testing times.  If you feel like getting your name up in lights you can register as an official team member at but it isn’t required. After the open is over we will start testing for our official regional competition team. It is going to be an epic year for XCF.

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