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Just a couple days out from our annual eating olympics. Last year I took gold in desserts, mashed potatoes, and overall consumption. And for what? The meat sweats? So my pants could fit a little tighter next week? Year after year folks end the holidays fatter and less fit than when they started. I have challenged folks before to hit January 1st leaner than you were on November 1st. How sick would that be? Can you imagine being sugar free for the rest of the year? You probably got a little sad inside just thinking about it. That would be a sign of your deep seeded emotional connection to food. It is fuel. Not your friend. In fact if it was in fact your friend it would run away from you sometimes. Try something radical this week. Eat until you are full and then stop. Oh, and do 100 squats, 100 lunges, and a 1 mile run before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

Or you can eat with reckless abandon like a real American. It is totally up to you.

2 Comments on “Gainzgiving”

  1. I typed in “Gainzgiving” in google because I was looking for a bunch of macro friendly thanksgiving recipes and you guys popped up lol. I just wanted to stop by and say THIS IS AWESOME! lol later guys! Happy thanksgiving


    Just a random dude who found your website

  2. I love this post! Every year I tell myself the same thing – only eat as much of that turkey and potatoes until you are full, and then…I end up overeating and feeling sick for 3 days after that. I love your reference of food as being your friend and wanting to run away sometimes. I can imagine how the stuffed turkey gets up and runs away from my family next Thanksgiving! Lol!

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