Free T shirts.(Free-ish)

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We finally got some gear so that we can start representing Xplore CrossFit all day everyday. No longer will the only evidence of your participation be blood, bruises, and blisters. While those markers are legit it is time to show off with something that doesn’t require an explanation about why you got Neosporin on your co-workers jacket. KD bought the first one and it is already changing his life. He was just telling me the other day that he might of peaked in terms of sex appeal and he was worried about being in decline for the next 70 years or so that he is alive. I told him to relax for two important reasons. The first of which is that KD is so damn sexy that even if he were to take a nosedive today it would still be a good 35 years before people stopped hurting their necks when he walks by on the street. The second and mroe important reason is that when you do CrossFit at XCF your sexy doesn’t have a ceiling. It continues to evolve. To paraphrase my good friend Dr. Ian Malcolm, “sex appeal for athletes at XCF cannot be contained, it finds a way, it breaks through barriers, expands to new territories, painfully, maybe even dangerously but…” Enter the new XCF t-shirt, which feels like wearing a cloud by the way, and you have a recipe for fitness and fabulousness. KD wore his on the ferry ride from Bainbridge this morning and he was getting offers. OFFERS PLURAL! This shirt is legit. Bonus is that 100% of the shirt sale profits are going to our little friends in South Africa. That’s right folks. The 5% project is a thing and that thing is AWESOME. Buy two just to prove how much you love orphans. As you can see in the photo above the shirts actually do make you butt look FABULOUS!

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