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If you are like me then you  things that are awesome. You like the burger at Ma’ono chicken and whiskey, deadlifts, and Jack Reacher. I am big fan of Lee Child’s bad ass character but I am partial to Tom Cruise’s rendition as well. That’s right, I said it. Tom Cruise can be my vigilante for justice any day of the week. I watched the movie again last night and it rekindled my inner desire to have the ability to fight 5 people at once and shoot the tail off a squirrel at 1000 yards.  I am a big fan of awesomeness in all varieties. You don’t have to be the biggest and the best to blow my mind. You just have to give me your best. Today I got to see folks going the distance with nothing on the line but the chance to be better than yesterday. Amazing bench pressing, people getting their first pistols, and thousands of double unders. Lots of athletes breaking the 500 rep mark in our 10 min double under test. Big shocker, it looks like Blaze is going to be the first person to hit 1000 double unders in 10 min at XCF. Big benchers, smooth pistols, and double unders. 30k, 100k, I don’t care as long as you are getting after it. 10 pistols or 50. Maybe you can only do them on your right leg so far. No worries. Keep working on it. 1 double under or 717. Not really important if you gave 100%.

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