Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks

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When are you eating for? Have you even considered that question? Most of us are eating for right now. It isn’t always bad to eat for right now but I would wager that there are enough times where you eat for right now and later you wish you hadn’t. This doesn’t just refer to eating sugar, or grains, or whatever those things are that aren’t serving you in the long run. I am also talking about quantities, quality, and timing. It might be 10:30pm and you have a hankering for some coconut bliss ice cream(not really paleo Rosa) and you figure there are wiser choices like just going to sleep but you want it. You want it right now. It is there. So you eat it. 11:30 may finding you wishing you had chosen something different. Maybe it isn’t until 7:15am when you walk into the gym and see FGB on the board. Maybe never. Or it could be one in a long series of “right now” food choices that doesn’t catch up to you for 15 years. Lets hope it just means bigger pants. But what if it is cardiovascular disease? Instead of making food decisions that are only based on how you feel right now let’s try making decision that have tomorrow, next week, next year, or 5 years hence in mind. What if the things I put into my body were chosen based on how well they would help me perform not just today but 25 years from now? I can forgo the immediate pleasure of a twice baked almond croissant from Bakery Nouveau(if anyone says the chocolate is better we can fight later) and instead choose something that will satisfy more important but less tangible desires like avoiding diabetes.

2 Comments on “Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks”

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