Extra ordinaries

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This gym is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I am talking about the obvious to everyone extraordinary to be sure but I am also talking about the “only you and I know how big a deal it was that you just did a deadlift” extraordinary. Everyone at XCF is running their own race and in a lifelong competition with themself. We use the whiteboard to measure, track, and to foster competition but at the end of the day and more importantly at the end of your life the whiteboard won’t matter one bit. The changes you made in the gym that made aging, pregnancy, coaching little league, or maybe just getting off the couch easier, those things matter. What you are doing in the gym each day is adding up to something awesome and it is just for you. A gift to self that can’t be purchased in a store or acquired with a pill. It is earned little by little and all it takes is for you to show up and do your thing the way that only you can do it. Show up with your ordinary self and do something extraordinary. The world may not take notice. Not at first anyway and maybe not ever but I will notice and more importantly as the changes add up so will you. So congrats for a job being done well. Keep it up.

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