Eat to win

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Lucky for us we are no longer living in caves. I say lucky for us but I have never spent time in a cave so I am not really sure if we are winning. I like being able to flush away some of my less valuable productions. I also really like Wikipedia. I don’t like wearing clothes or paying for things so maybe it is a wash. Even though we have moved passed the cave dwelling stage that is no reason we can’t still emulate some of the better habits of our pre-prius ancestors. Starting in early February we are doing a new round of our 90 days of eating, moving, and living like champions. This time around we are setting some food goals and some fitness goals and working in teams. Teams? That’s right kids. Team paleo challenge. In the next week or so Rexy will be breaking the whole what and why of paleo eating for those who don’t know. For those who do know stay tuned in anyway because she is a regular Einstein of the whole caveman cuisine thing. She is sure to blow your mind AND make you laugh. A few quick highlights on the challenge though. There will be multiple levels of buy in regarding food. If you think you can go all out then awesome. If you are married to someone with a gluten dependency like my wife then maybe you are going to try to cut a few things. We want to meet people where they are to be sure but if you are in a crappy place we don’t want to leave you there. We want to create a path that works to move everyone forward at least a little bit. Points will be awarded for compliance, PR’s, friends and family support. It is going to be fabulous. We will also be setting some fitness goals and blowing them out of the water. I am either going to shoot for a 700# deadlift or getting a perfect score on 300 FY. Every trainer will be a team captain. Team JHo (working title) will probably be the best team by far but we will just have to wait and see. Plenty more details are coming but I wanted to plant some paleo seeds in your brain early.

Some cool things to do to make the most of the challenge. Don’t start eating like a 10 year old in charge of the grocery shopping just because we are about to start dialing it in. Storing up sugar and grains like a bear getting ready for winter is not going to make this easier. DO go to your doctor and get a basic blood panel. I love to see the physical changes that accompany good eating but sometimes the internal changes are even more powerful. Watch your blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels move in radical ways. If you can, get a VAP cholesterol test instead of the standard profile. Way cooler, and of course more valuable data. The regular test will give us some good stuff but if you have the option SUPERSIZE IT! Other than that you will get lots of other good numbers from a general blood panel.

Start thinking about some things you would like to see happen in the gym in terms of your personal fitness. Where do you want to be in 90 days? What could you accomplish in 90 days? Who are you going to get to support you in this challenge inside and outside of the gym? Get someone to join up with you and along with changing their life you will have such an amazing cheerleader all of the way through.

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  1. This IS going to be awesome. And I want to re-iterate – if you have the will, the way to get a blood panel – DO IT. See changes on paper!

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