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As y’all know I am a big fan of the olympics. I watch a little of everything except ping pong and I would avoid all horse events as well except for some reason NBC seems to think it is pertinent to cut away from diving, or track or anything else awesome to update Americans on dressage. Two years ago I wouldn’t have even given horse riders credit as athletes. This was mostly based on my assessment of the most popular modern horseman, the jockey. These anorexic hobbits ruined all horsemenship in my mind until recently. I met two horsey people. One was a horse trainer and the other was a rodeo rider and these ladies were monsters in the gym. That is pretty much all it takes. A big deadlift and a muscle up and you are in. I still have no interest in watching it but I will concede that riding horses may in fact develop some midline stability and hip strength.
The most recent crime against all things sports and athletics is in fact not a new offense but it is new to my ken. As soon as I saw it I was hooked in that train wreck sort of way. Take a gander at these “Olympians.”
For a little more epic reading please check out the wikipedia post on this high octane no holds barred quest for semi-incredible speeds. The rules are amazing. With any luck this will replace the first event at the CrossFit Games in 2013.
In other news I bought a discus and a shot in order to start learning some new sports. I took them out to a field to throw around for a while after reading a book on throwing and watching a ton of Youtube videos. I actually ran into Dan John at a fitness conference and he gave me a lesson in the lobby of the Orlando Marriott. He actually was laying down on the floor telling me to jump over him as part of a drill. Dan an awesome strength coach whose specialty is throwing. He has written some great books as well if you are looking to do some reading on the strength development aspects of training for sport.

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