Don’t always do your best?

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There is a critical difference between our training and what we are training for. Our training prepares us for whatever that thing is. When the thing comes up we go all out. We put in 100%. You might even dig a little deeper than that because your mom is there and she is wearing a t shirt she made with puff paint that says “Let’s go Blaze” and even though it is confusing that she is your mom and she is calling you by your last name and not even spelling it correctly you open up one extra can of awesome sauce and you win. But that is game day. That is different than our training days. Our training days are preparation for the big day with mom on the sidelines. We don’t dig that deep in training all that often because you have a finite number of those epic days in you. They are mentally, physically, and emotionally draining and I don’t want you walking around tapped out all of the time. In fact if things are going well then most of the time you should be feeling pretty good. The higher you go in any sport though this changes quite a bit but most of us aren’t getting paid to train so let’s do the thing that will make us better and will keep us better for longer. Managing the dose so we get enough to get better and not so much that we can’t keep getting better over the long haul.

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