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Here is a teaser from Donkey’s written testimonial. Check out the whole thing here. Mark and Jonesy’s testimonials are up now as well.

It’s sometime mid-morning in July 2009. I’m in the office downstairs trying to figure out how to get the computer working. Why am I having so much trouble? It’s not my house and this desk is a disaster. On top of that I’m in the midst of an awkward morning after with my date from the night before (don’t judge me) and it’s inhibiting my intelligence. To clarify, I’m house sitting, and I have no idea why we are messing with this computer other than he insists that I MUST watch something related to CrossFit. He talks about this CrossFit business a lot. Started by a Navy seal blah, workouts named after soldiers blah, anyone can do it, blah. To be fair, it was much more articulate than that, as Phil is a top-notch conversationalist, brilliant, and hilarious – and judging by the shape he was in the CrossFit was working. It was just really hard to empathize with how emotional he was over working out.
By this point we’ve remedied the computer issues and there is one particular video he has in mind. This is his moment to introduce me to CrossFit and I can tell he wants it to be perfect. I can’t be positive, but this level of eagerness suggests he might be about to reveal the meaning of life. I am trying my best through my mild annoyance to show the appropriate level of enthusiasm over what we are about to witness (his hotness is definitely helping me keep my game face on). He’s still searching for it……seriously, it’s called Nasty Girls? Whatever. The video starts and,,,(read more)

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