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So it has come to my attention that Stacey, no surprise if you don’t know who she is, is going to stop doing so much of this…


And she is going to start doing a lot more of


I don’t get it but I dig that she is taking fitness outside. I do CrossFit so that I can do more and more CrossFit but most of the folks that come in here do it so they can do other stuff. Weird. AND she isn’t doing it just to do it. She is raising money for sick people or poor people or maybe they are poor sick people or sick poor people. I am not quite sure. I stopped listening when she said “running.”

I did ask someone else who was there when she told me about it and they listened to the whole spiel and apparently it is for a really good cause. You should throw some of your hard earned money at this cause. Maybe Stacey will suffer so fewer people have to.

Check out her page HERE.

I know there are lots of folks in our XCF community doing cool stuff. Even if you aren’t helping sustainable coffee growers or orphan orcas like Stacey is.


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