Does this skirt make me look jacked?

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Julie pull up


There are so many strong ladies at XCF it almost makes me emotional at times. Listening to women cue each other on power cleans is right up there with puppies, the chocolate lava cake at The Met and double rainbows. Today as I was watching Hoit, Lerner, Dagger, and Vaughn work on their hang power clean turnover I thought about the hundreds of women who have balked at weightlifting because they were scared of getting bulky. What I want to say is “So what?” That isn’t very helpful so I refined my response. If they have a boyfriend who works out it is usually pretty easy because in all likelihood he isn’t as bulky as he wants to be. If not then they have at least one guy friend with a 10 pound tub of whey protein on top of his fridge and an LA Fitness membership. This guy hits the gym at least 4 times a week and has more supplements in his house than books. He is trying so hard to get big. He reads magazines, talks to his friends, searches on line for hints, and tips, and secrets to getting huge. He desperately wants to get bulky and he isn’t. He isn’t even that strong. He has spent hundreds of hours and probably thousands of dollars to get bulky and he looks the same and for some reason ladies think it is going to happen to them by accident. Jesse Ward from Lynwood CrossFit says something that I love. “You can’t teach big.” There is some truth to that. He is mostly talking about height but there is something else in there. There is a piece that you are born with. None of us are going to be as handsome, strong, or shredded as Tim. EVER. I am talking about black Tim. Although white Tim is making some sweet gains. Also to avoid confusion, and borderline racism we are going to be referring to black Tim as Chocolate Muscle from now on. Anyhow he works out for about 30 min a week due to his schedule. That’s right. All of that mocha colored man meat is just a product of good nutrition and charisma plus 6 squats and 4 push ups a week. He is just lucky that way. That doesn’t mean we can’t all be and strive for better than we currently are. It does mean though that much of what you are capable of you are born with and for the ladies in particular, bulky doesn’t just happen. You have to earn it and if you get it then that is your mom and dad’s fault and it is something to embrace instead of being embarrassed by. Maybe you can’t pull off a strapless wedding dress because your lats look like wings. So what. Handstand walk to the alter and strut your awesome stuff in some luon. There is also the fact that dudes with muscles often like ladies with muscles so if somebody tells you that you are took ” bulky” than it is probably because you can squat more than he can.

3 Comments on “Does this skirt make me look jacked?”

  1. Hoo-ah!

    I got that quote from Glenn Fowles our strength coach and O-line coach at Willamette University. Another fine Glenn moment was when I asked him about DB Rows (Kroc Rows) for upper back, if they were good and why he didn’t do them. His response: “yeah they’re good, I don’t do them because the DB’s only go to 150lbs”. I was using 45’s at the time….. Can’t teach big!!

    1. I love them both. There is always somebody stronger right? We finally got db up to 150 last week and now you are telling me I am still using kid weights?

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