decompete [Jendro]s aren’t really known for…

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“The basic metaphor for decompetition is a battle or war. Decompetitors view the other through the lens of rivalry, and rather than hope that they perform at their best, I hope that they trip up. For decompetitors, opponents are obstacles to be overcome, enemies to be conquered, foes to vanquish. Decompetition, not competition, is the opposite of cooperation.”

-David L. Shields

This alternate view of competition as a battle doesn’t create the same good stuff that we get from striving together. It actually creates a whole host of negative outcomes that will ultimately drive a community to a very dark place. In simple terms this is where cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, and violence enter the arena. If winning is the only acceptable outcome then the end will begin to justify the means. In the gym this will destroy our community. There is honor in our training when we strive together. I would even go so far as to say that there is caring. Yes we want to win but we want to win fair and square. Not only that we want to win when we know the other person gave their all. And more than their all we want to know that they did it honorable and even safely. I don’t just want to beat you today. I want the chance to do it again tomorrow. I want to do it everyday I want to do it specifically with you so I need you to stay in this fight with me because we are both better for it.

2 Comments on “decompete [Jendro]s aren’t really known for…”

  1. JHo- I sense this is directed at the “men” of the 11:00 class who will do anything (right or wrong) to try and beat Erin Kreiger?

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